ArKay is 100 % alcohol free

Arkay feels and taste exactly like liquor!

ArKay is Gluten-Free, Alcohol-Free, Sugar-free, ArKay is Friendly veggies , ArKay is The Best Option to get away from Liquors, ArKay Saving Lives . ArKay is OK!

ARKAY was created as a MIXER for MOCKTAILS

When drinking for the first time ArKay pure or straight you may feel a very strong burn sensation in your mouth and this may surprise you ; when drinking a Mocktail prepared with ArKay the burn sensation will decrease , you will realize that your drink is just perfect like if you were drinking a cocktail prepared with real liquors.

Our first Social Café will be opened in Cancun Mexico and with much more under way all over the USA , Europe and the world.


A Social entrepreneurs who want to change society for the better, but turn a profit at the same time are on a mission to solve problems plaguing society. Doing Good To Others With ArKay And Making Money. .

ArKay Team.

Great The W.A.R.M molecule, when mixed with a liquid, in this case with ArKay flavored drink, usually fools the brain and makes the brain believe that you are drinking the real liquor, then after some couple of seconds the brain realizes that what you are drinking is not liquor and immediately tells you that you can keep drinking without any ill effects. ARKAY IS NOT A MEDICINE. Arkay Laboratory Team .

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