The centaur is the symbol for this sign. In mythology, the centaur was half man and half horse, given to pursing pleasure. The centaur is shown with a bow, which he shoots. Wherever the arrow lands, the centaur follows, retrieves the arrow and shoots again. Those born under this sign will love travelling, discovering new things, meeting new people, and learning new things.

The ideal flavors with the most kick  are :  Arkay PINA COLADA | COFFEE LIQUOR | RUM

Suggested Cocktail is  :


1¼ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Rum

1¼ oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Coffee Liquor

1 oz. ArKay Alcohol Free Pina Colada

Splash of coconut milk

Garnish Float of Cream On Top



2018 :

You got: Don’t be afraid of stillness

Hilarious and idealistic, you’re also one of the most carefree star signs. You can’t stand the idea of being tied down. However, sometimes you miss out on life’s deeper, more meaningful moments — you’re busy planning your next adventure. This year, don’t be afraid to take a moment, take a breath, and embrace what it feels like to be still. You might discover something exciting and new.

**The horoscope is written for entertainment purposes only!**

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